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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2024 – January 22 – January 28

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week has been observed for many years and has played a crucial role in raising awareness about cervical health. It was established to honor the memory of Jade Goody, a well-known British reality television star who tragically passed away from cervical cancer at a young age. Her story highlighted the importance of early detection and prevention.

Did you know together, we can end cervical cancer? The UK has the tools to make cervical cancer a thing of the past, but we need government commitment.

During Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, we are supporting various organisations to raise awareness of cervical cancer and encourage uptake of the HPV vaccination and cervical screening.

Prioritising cervical cancer as a health policy, committing to eliminating cervical cancer, and to developing a holistic strategy that improves and supports the cancer prevention programmes, can help stop cervical cancer.

You can play your part too. Get involved, show support on social media, tell your friends, go for screening.

For further information on Cervical Screening, you can click on the picture below to visit the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust website –

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity. It provides information and support to anyone affected and campaigns for excellence in cervical cancer treatment, care and prevention. Its national Helpline is free, confidential and on 0808 802 8000.

Their website is a good source of information including sections on Cervical screening for trans men and/or non-binary people, Smear tests for people with a learning disability as well as sections for people of various ages.