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Primary Care Networks

Medic House and Appledore surgeries are proud to be a part of the Tilbury Chadwell Primary Care Network.

Since the NHS was created in 1948, the population has grown and people are living longer. Many people are living with long term conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, or suffer with mental health issues and may need to access their local health services more often.

Primary Care Networks build on the core of current Primary Care Services and enable greater provision of proactive, personalised, co-ordinated and more integrated health and social care. We achieve this by binding together primary care services in local reach of a specific population.

In a nutshell – we work with other practices across Tilbury and Chadwell to offer our patients greater access to a wider range of care and services. 

Tilbury Chadwell PCN Practice Locations
23Chadwell Medical Centre (Tilbury Chadwell Group)
24Commonwealth Health Centre
25The Dilip Sabnis Medical Centre (Tilbury Chadwell Group)
26East Tilbury Medical Centre (Pheonix Group)
27Medic House
28The Rigg-Milner Centre
29Sai Medical Centre (Pheonix Group)
30Tilbury Health Centre (Tilbury Chadwell Group)
31Appledore Medical Centre

PCN Clinical Directors

Dr Chris OlukanniDr Vikram Bhat
Lead GP Partner & Clinical Director PCNJoint Clinical Director

If you’d like to learn more about how the Primary Care Network can benefit you, please ask our dedicated team for more information.