Medic House & Appledore Surgery

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CQC Registered Manager

CQC Registered Manager
Sharon Hogarth

Sharon Hogarth

CQC Registered Manager and Managing Partner

I work with the GP Partners to develop and embed good Governance in the Practice and Policies, Processes and Procedures to keep people safe.

I take great pride in ensuring the Patient Journey and experience at the Practice is the best that it can be and value the relationship the Practice builds with the PPG and invite feedback both positive and negative in order to continue to improve, shape and steer services going forward.

I work very closely with the the Tilbury Chadwell Primary Care Network, Better Care Together, Public Health, Thurrock Council, NHSe and local Commissioners (Thurrock CCG) to bring about the necessary change in order to develop services on our doorsteps in Tilbury and East Tilbury that are normally only available in secondary care, engaging with patients and key stakeholders to ensure Primary Care delivers the very best services to patients and continues to listen to the needs of those that use our services in order to stay responsive.

​When things go wrong, I investigate patient complaints and always uphold the duty of candour.